Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Far Away

Yeah it's been like forever since I blogged. I kind of ...well no not kind of....I WAS completely uninspired to blog . I'm not really sure why..maybe because I've been indulging in my love of anime recently though I've still been perusing the music scene here and there.

But I'm not going to give up on the idea of blogging about music. I've decided to start yet another blog ..this one will be about anime . I'll have to get rid of my K-pop blog because I don't think i can maintain three blogs. Heck i wasn't even able to retain this one.

So my apologies for being far away to anyone who bothers to read my blogs. I'll try to make up for it with a song

Sunday, August 25, 2013

An Interruption

Well I was all geared up to start posting in my blog and i got sidetracked by my other love... anime xD Anyways I just watched the first episode of Kotouro-san..cried, laughed and then thought, OMG my blog! xD

So since anime is interrupting my life, I thought I'd do a little post of my favorite anime composer ever Yuki Kajiura. Yuki has composed some of the all - time best OSTs for anime. She has worked on such classics as Tsubasa Chronicle, .hack//Sign , Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Pandora Hearts, Sword Art Online just to name a few.

She is also the brainchild behind such acts as Kalafina and Fiction junction. Yuki's music is often very ethereal or dramatic. But it can be light and airy as well.It's hard for me to just pick one song by her that I like.

Tsubasa reservoir Chronicles came out around 2005 back when i was about 18 and started taking anime more seriously. One could say my love for anime began with that series. OSTs like "I talk to the Rain' "Hear our Prayer"  and "Song of Storm and Fire" will always be classics in my heart.

I mean if this isn't epic i guess i don't know what is.

There is a movie I'm going to check out called the El cazador de la Bruja which features her music. Gems like this

I guess that will be my next project after I finish the three anime i'm currently watching xD

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 Yup, that's right, today we will be discussing an international system of measurements  ...NOT! Come on this is a music blog xd

 Today I thought I would go all patriotic and Canadiana and relive some of my favorite musical moments as a Canadian. A nice little trip down memory lane and then I stumbled across a song I had not heard for a while by one of my favorite indie bands. I think I was like 16 when this song came out so I was like OMG I haven't heard this in ages.

 And it fit well with my mood . Because lately I've just been so tired of the same old same old in the music scene. You know all the U2 rip off bands in the rock scene that are so popular. the same old pop crap. the same old boring indie stuff. the same old Eurovision formula songs. the same old country western yarns. Ok, maybe I'm just bored.  But this is my anti-"quit make me listen to the same old crap you music industry freaks"

The band: Metric:
The song " Dead Disco"

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Post Mortem Post

 Did the title get you interested? :D

Well basically I just wanted to use two different definitions of "post" simultaneously xD.  I have decided iit's time to rise from the ashes of my blog"s" and revive them. So without any real theme or sense of construction here goes my first post-mortem post.


Subject 1 : AMV Art
Subject 2: Florence and the Machine
Subject 3: when music "looks" better than it sounds.
Subject 4 : Puella Magi Madoka Magica 

   AMV stands for anime music video. Fans of anime often spend some time and energy to create a music video using clips from their favorite animes. Some of these are very good and there are AMV contests in existence.

 Occasionally I stumble across AMV's featuring songs that just fit perfectly for the anime. Though I may not really enjoy the song when just listening to it due to maybe a lack of mental imagery, the AMV provides with me a "look" into the song that can change my opinion of the song. Art is communication and thanks to the occasional AMV i can find myself in communication with a piece of music that may have not touched me before.
  Florence and the machine is an UK band that has never really appealed to me. Why? Well they just don't communicate to me. You know like when somebody tries to say something pretentiously meaningful to you and you just stare at them blankly because you don't want to offend them by saying what you are thinking ....which is basically "you're crackers".

 But then i found this AMV which was brilliantly made and featuring one of the most epic anime ever produced and I was like...wow ..this fits perfect for the theme of this anime..and ..hey this isn't a bad song by that weirdo.

 The anime...Puella Magi Madoka Magica... ..So you want to be a magical girl?  Not your typical magical girl anime. it's dark, it's tragic, it's deep. it's somewhat psychedelic. It was a brilliant masterpiece of an anime that shocked me and brought tears and joy. Moving!

 And so music and anime clips brillianlty combined and we have this..in itself a masterpiece. Well done to the uploader . I wish I had the time to do stuff like this.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What Could Have Been - Hungary ESC 2009

On the path of nothingness, alone without words
Down there the ground, up there the sky
I should leave, make a move finally
But something still makes me stay
Lonely boat in the sea
It will survive a thousand storms
‘Cause the infinity keeps calling for it
But the other bank is still too far
The road is long through the night
Maybe the moon will lead me
Flying me to you
Lonely boat in the sea
The wind whirls round it, but it keeps on going
At the end of the road, it will get rest
But a new world keeps calling

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Little Nostalgia

Well so much for writing every day!!!. I'll try to keep up in the future.

O anyways, I've been hating on Eurovision this year. Still am, I have like almost nothing to say about it this year. But i do have a favorite. I won't reveal who it is but it will be obvious after this post. So here's how i will reveal it.

My favorite this year was co written by Lisse Cable. Who also wrote the song "Fra Mols til Skagen" which competed fro Denmark in 1995. It finished 5th despite being wedged in the running order between two of the pre show faves. Denmark's best finish in the 1990's .

Silky sheets, and breakfast on blue balconies
There will be no wild swans as long as this snow keeps falling

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Can't Keep Up

Well my promise to myself to post every day in my blog is failing miserably. By the time I get around to it during the week week I'm just too tired to say anything of worth.

Well a while go before I deleted all my old posts I featured a portugese band called Xaile. I'm in the mood for some bagpipes so here's a song that has a bagpipe kick later on for some raise your heels dancing. it's called "Pintar o verdade"

Maybe that will make me kick my legs up and start posting more.